Frequently Asked Questions

Your address is simply replaced with a number. It is Secure and easy to use, manage and update your address with one click. DPSID is World’s first free service to convert your complicated postal address into a simple number. DPSID address is permanent with your real address connected to it which is secured. You don't need to spell alphabets like A for apple B for boy those days are gone.
Creating a DPSID is very easy. Choose a username and password and provide your postal address and email ID. Click on Register button. Activate your account through the email that you have provided. That’s it!
DPSID can help wherever there is a need for your ‘Address’ across the globe. DPSID address is permanent and free for life. One click updates your address change to everyone (Businesses, Relatives, Friends...etc) connected and has access to your address. Protecting your address from unwanted people finding your address without your awareness. Successful for Courier and Mail delivery. E-commerce websites. One click to print your address book contacts live address labels. It’s literally useful everywhere people use an address, which is pretty much every where. When you update your address at we will notify your contacts.
Hassle free customer address book management system. You don’t have to maintain customers’ addresses anymore and they don’t have to call you to update their information You can request your customers to connect to your business DPSID address When they update their address, DPSID will automatically update it in your account and notify you of the change You can also print your customers’ live address labels easily
Absolutely. DPSID provides the Address Book for your convenience so that you will have to pick which contact addresses you want to print. All address information you provide is stored in a secure manner on DPSID systems. While it is stored in the Address Book, we will carefully protect the confidentiality of the address information. It will not be used for any other purpose than your convenience by you. Your data is safe with us. All data is transferred to DPSID dedicated servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with AES-256 bit encryption. DPSID securely stores and frequently verifies encryption algorithm to further increase site security.
DPSID’s mission to make your work easy Your facebook address book can be imported to your DPSID account to save you time DPSID does not share your personal information and not visible to anyone without your permission You will also be given the option to share your DPSID address to your facebook friends if you choose to do so. DPSID ensures privacy!
The privacy of our users is very important to us; your address never be public unless you made it. our services are secured with latest encryption technologies.
When you have a secured address, no one can see it unless you give permission. When you have an unsecured address, whoever has access to your address book can see your address. You can always change this option in your account on the my contacts page.
When you update your new address on DPSID, it will be sent out to whoever you want with any means of communication through a text an email or both. you can even send other messages to people like a mass message to multiple quickly. You can even share it with your friends and customers who do not have DPSID accounts, which allows you to communicate your info to a large number of people.
Manually updating your address or your customers’ addresses are difficult and very time-consuming When there is an address change, you have to update so many people and places multiple times With DPSID, you only have to update your address on your account and DPSID will do the work for you!
DPSID can be used as a main application or a secondary application for your business to streamline your work It will tell you when your customers’ subscriptions expired DPSID will take requests and we can alter the application to fit your and your business’s needs! In addition, DPSID can help create a website for your business! It’s free to try for an entire year!. for businesses we have plans to fit in your needs. please click here for details.
Yes, It is possible to share your secured address to anyone who is not a DPSID user. You just have to share your DPSID number and Access Code (4 digits) this is also a number. you don't need to spell alphabets like A for apple B for boy… those days are gone.
When a registered DPSID user (Individual/Business) wanted to share their new DPSID address with you. And wanted to connect with you to let you know when they update their address or wanted to know your address when you change. Your details are 100% private between you and the sender. Please email us with questions at
We will miss you but You can do anytime just send email to with your dpsid, rest we will take care.
DPSID algorithm will generate user friendly numbers in a friendly manner. 1. For each Individual, DPSID is free for life. 2. For business account, our system is free to use and when you use SMS service to notify your customer with any messages we will charge a minimum per SMS. 3. Contact us we will provide you a reasonable pricing details. At present we have great deals going on. However our system is custom made. If you want a fancy or sequence numbers for multiple addresses for your business.
NO, we don’t save your password or your key for future calls. We communicate with social network one time only to get your basic profile to make your DPSID account registration process simple.
In olden days updating your address is a hectic job, you have to update your new address every place where you have already given old address for communication. When you move to new address you have to tell to everyone including friends, relatives and all businesses. You may forget one place where an important document might not reach you. Updating each and everyone is a tough job. DPSID is that change. Just one click will update everyone whoever connected with you and whoever you wanted to share your address.
DPSID has three ways of making money • Through selling Special and Premium DPSID address numbers. • Charging businesses for address verification needs or Premium membership. • We will never place any advertisements in any of the websites. We wont allow third party companies to steal your computer information.
please see our Pricing table for premium membership and it's benifits.
Yes absolutely. All your DPSID and non DPSID contacts in your address book are completely private and visible to only you.
The First and commonly used social network is obviously Facebook . Encourage us by sharing DPSID address and by talk to your friends and make them understand about DPSID Address and please feel free to spread the word. Please talk to every one whom you think can benefit from DPSID services either by using DPSID address or live address labels. We Love your questions, please contact us on contact us
We have separate page for websites owners to get customers address using our Web API with detailed instructions, Our team of developers can help you for integration. please contact us. We will be waiting for your email
Use our smart address fill to fill any online forms that need address with your or your contacts address. You can print your live address labels right after registering for this is 100% free. Address labels are like business cards/visiting cards that can be used on any envelope or as a return address label. Share your DPSID number as your permanent address where you don't want to miss communication. Your will never lose address of your loved ones. Everyone will be connected and when they change their address DPSID will notify you automatically. Your address book updates automatically as well.